80 Days in SSB: Lived Army Life before PoP

80 Days in SSB: Lived Army Life before PoP
80 Days in SSB: Lived Army Life before PoP

Hello everyone,
I am Jatin Mukhiya from ASSAM. I would like to share my experience about how I got recommended from 24 SSB Bangalore, Tes-43.

So my real journey for SSB started when I left home one year ago without the support of my background or any guidance. Initially, I had preconceived ideas that SSB can only be cracked by God gifted people where OLQs can never be developed but, as I got exposed to this field I was more inclined to the belief that hard work and dedication towards something can lead to achieving your dream.

My first SSB was held on 7th Sept 2019
In Allahabad where my chest no was 139. There I was screen out. I was happy as I got to know my drawbacks and that helped me to focus on those points where I needed to improve. I work really hard on those and got prepared for my second attempt which was held on 14 March 2020 in Bangalore, where my chest no was 39. This time 155 Candidates were reported on the reporting day and the very next day we had OIR and PPDT test.

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My OIR went well and then I sat for PPDT, the picture shown to us was very hazy but I wrote a simple story with a little innovation which I narrated with full confidence. After that, I participated in GD which is famous for being chaotic. I somehow manage to keep my points and with a smiling face, I laid back.

Later after few minutes of tea break results were declared and we 20 were screened in.

Now, on the second day, we had a psychology test. Being a fresher, I was a bit nervous but I performed well. IN psychology test 12 picture shown to us in which last was blank. After TAT,WAT started out of 60 wats I wrote 56 and out of 60 srts I had done only 43.

Quality >>>quantity.

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later on that day my interview was scheduled. Though it didn’t go well according to me my confidence was the same as it was on the very first day. I got stuck in one srt which they asked me but I managed to answer after thinking. Don’t get blank.

On the third and fourth day, we had GTO, where I performed well in all the task and I had given many ideas to the group to move forward. Group task was very enjoyable its all about teamwork. Coming to IO I had done 17. Yeah, 17😀. In the command task, I was called 2 -3 times. My command task was very good. I completed it on time. (LISTEN TO GTO HE GIVES US HINTS).

On the last day, there was a conference where they discussed and asked me a very simple question like how was your stay and any suggestion

Later on that day the results were declared and two of us achieved the ‘+’ sign on our chest. Lastly, after the recommendation lockdown started we 16 candidates(5-navy tech,9- NDA,1ACC) stayed back and spent 80 days in SSB centre Bangalore. We created good memories which will be remembered for a lifetime.

Thank you… Jai Hind

80 Days in SSB: Lived Army Life before PoP

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