Army Life: A perspective being an Army Brat | Military Brat

The phrase army brat or military brat is mind-boggling to hear and I’m proud to be one.

Today, I am a civilian, away from that morning wake up calls from my dad at 5 in the morning “son wake up”, THE TYPICAL ARMY LIFESTYLE. I used to get up and give a tight hug to my dad for a few seconds for that last inch of sleep to vanish. It was a usual time for me to get up and go for a run with my father and seeing and hearing the army cantonment with the buzzing of “ek do Ek” and “Ram Ram Sahab”. The small world in the army cantonment was alive and active. The phrase “no pain, no gain” was constant morale boost during a run with my dad, apart from those early soothing chirping noise of the cuckoo bird. The run lasted a good 40 min with the sunrise being a part of the morning drill. I use to freshen up and go to school and that made me realize one thing that my days were longer than others.

Army Life: A perspective being an Army Brat | Military Brat

Discipline was a part of my daily routine. living a meaningful life was drilled into my system. The school was fun for me and always interesting as we use to change school quite often due to the constant transfer of my dad to all the beautiful locations. I had new friends wherever I went and my life was constant adjustments and adaptations. It was challenging and making new friends, shifting to a new place was an experience. Today when I look back in time I have made a lot of friends which I cherish. Some were a good experience and some were bad but it did give me the life lessons which grew me stronger with time.

Being responsible and maturity was something which comes with time.”I remember those days of OP Parakram time when my dad was posted in the field area doing his duty of serving the nation”. We were located in separate family accommodation in Bangalore and now Bengaluru. I was the “Doodhwala” for the house, and buying grocery was my responsibility. Crossing roads, counting change and checking the expiry date of the bread, polishing school shoes and ironing uniform for a 3rd grader was normal. My mom made me realize one thing that my life without my dad was incomplete.

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Life had lots of ups and downs and there were times when I used to miss my dad and mom. My mom was the senior-most lady of our unit and the constant emptiness of not finding your mom when you need her was terrible. I asked my mom once, “why do you always go missing when I need you”. She replied in a very soft voice,” Son, there are other families too whose husbands are away from home and taking care of our extended family is also my duty”. That day I learned something really valuable in my life, there is no “I” in the army, its always “We”. Being a team and valuing your team is really important.

The value and the role of the lady in the army is really important. In our culture. it’s the men who lead the family and personally I feel its the lady which is the most integral part of the family. I remember those days when my dad was away in the field and it was my mom single-handedly took care of us and our extended family,i.e, our unit. She had a lot in her hands being the senior lady but she handled with ease. The rule of “Ladies first” and the respect given by all officers when they enter a mess by standing was a sight to watch. My respect and admiration for women grew stronger with time.


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