Brief About India-China Relationship: Know Key Points Here

India-China Relations
India-China Relations

Recently, since 5th may, we have been witnessing skirmish between Indian army and Chinese army at the LAC in Laddakh. This blog is make you all aware about the India and China relationship:


In The Asian region China and India are two  major countries. We have Bond in SCO and in G20 also. After the Independence, our former prime Minister signed the pact of panchsheel principles with the China. This panchsheel
principles were a Bond Between both the countries to establish peace and help each other in gaining prosperity. Still there was a face off between both the countries in 1962 that was Indo Sino war and then in 1967. We have been indulged together in many skirmish related to land like the doklam stand off and Tibbat issue and the issue of Aksai chin.

Then the migration between Arunachal  Pradesh and China without visa was again heating moment between both the countries. Amid these issues the leaders from both the sides were giving the statement of “HINDI CHINI BHAI BHAI”


China has always been a manufacturing hub. All the companies around The world are coming to China and they are manufacturing their goods and India being a huge market, has been suffering from the trade deficit between the countries.

China exports to India increased by 2.1 per cent last year totalling to 515.63 billion yuan while India’s imports to China decreased by 0.2% totalling to 123.89 billion yuan, he said. The trade deficit for India in 2019 was $391.74 billion yuan, he said.


A USA chap has studied the strategical map of China and gave a unique name THE STRING OF PEARLS to the policy of China. Where China is
surrounding India by the string of waterway and this contains the pearls of seaports that China is taking on lease by trapping the countries in debt trap. Example.. The Jibouti port, the Hambantota port, the Gwadar port in Pakistan.

The project of China Pakistan Economic Coridoor that passes through the Gilgit Baltistan region of India is also an issue. As it has taken the Gwadar port that India used for exporting with the middle East countries.


It is heard that China is crossing the LAC and entering into the Indian Territory:

• China is making laws for residents of Hong Kong and imposing that also and trying to take away to autonomy of them.

• China not letting the Taiwan to be in existence of a country.

• China under the suspicion for originating corona virus artificially.These all issues are confronting the China from around the globe.



India-China Relations

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