How to Survive Quarantine [Psychologist Advice]


These 21 days are going to be hard for everyone.. that’s the first thought every one of us has today… How to Survive Quarantine?
But wait let’s try to make the best out of these 21 days…
First and foremost I would like to warn you about “destination happiness” – we spend our lives thinking we would be happy if we got that job, if we got that admission if we got married, etc and etc. Don’t repeat the same cycle in these 21 days of imagining happiness outdoors.. why not find it inside ourselves? Know How to Survive Quarantine

Also one interesting fact it takes 21 days to build a pattern in your life, let’s keep that aim building happiness this time. 😄

Why so Serious bro ?
Indoor Painitng
Paint your Wall! [only if you have paint don’t go out buying it]

Anyone can do it , Believe Me

So let us try to follow these 5 steps which will help u make the best of these 21 days… Know How to Survive Quarantine

  1. Physical – Try and do some physical activities at home like u could skip, follow a complete workout, do yoga, dance or anything which u prefer.. Exercising even for 15 mins will help your body release some natural pain killers which will help enhance our mood and kill anxiety. So I remember the HOD of our hospital recommending indoor physical activities for all our patients, believe me, I’ve seen it work wonders for them especially the ones with anxiety and depression. Fortunately, we are not patients because it’s hard but equally handicapped by our situations, the common thing in both situations is that WE as humans have the power in our hands. always and always. Good luck with that 😃
  2. Mental – Psychological peace, hopefulness is of utmost importance for spending these days well. Putting it in simple words- Scientists have shown that prolonged stress weakens your immune system .. And u definitely don’t want that.. tips would be to try to meditate, listen to some good music, spend some time keeping ur phone aside and think about yourself, reflect on your life, write a diary… Remember the famous “Diary of Anne Frank” she wrote all the details of her experience during that hard time of world war 2 which was hopeless, full of unpredictability and fear.. writing that diary did give her some hope, positivity, and gratitude… The situation is not as bad as of those times, it could help immensely 😃
  3. Materialistic – So doing simple chores of the house can boost your sense of efficacy, Happiness in relationships and positive mood… Do the laundry, cook one meal, wash the mats, boil the milk, sort out that room which has been in such a mess since days… You don’t have a reason to procrastinate now 😃 Remember your mother’s face and happiness when you help her out? It’s priceless and definitely worth the effort.. Right?
Family time
  1. Relationships – We live in a world that is busy and fast.. change is the only law that works here... But do u remember the last time you spent some good valuable time with your family… its been long.. work on those relationships… because they work as a support system in times of crisis and increase your life span by boosting the immune system.. let us do that today and mend those important yet ignore ties of life ❤ When people who had lost a spouse, friend, relative, pet, etc came for counseling, I remember one common comment all of them made- “I wish I would have said that to her/him, I wish I would have done that” This is a golden time to make the appreciation of the present stronger than the regrets of the past… Let us make the best out of this TIME …

  1. Hobbies– Build up some hobby or the things you have not done for years.. some long lost hobby, some passion or some interest.. you could Paint, sing a song, write some poetry, bake a cake, stitch something, Learn some instrument you have kept aside for so long from youtube, handcraft things like paint a pencil stand out of that foil paper cover..( Do remember to sanitize it first though)
    I remember when I was a kid with a life which lacked worries and problems of the real world and I would paint, Play “Name place animal and thing” 😀 and spend my time imagining a good future, it gave me happiness… why not relive the childhood we all miss…
  2. Learn: Use this time to learn something that can help humanity, the next time any situation like this occurs you there to help Society by leading the Crowd. Learn a computer language like Java or Python or Languages like Mandarin or German are some of the most required these days and will help you when you go out of this Quarantine.

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At last, I would only like to tell you that there is a cosmic reality parallel to this world lets send a lot of positive energy to it... Let us heal ourselves and the earth. 😃

Keep Reading and tell me in the comment box what you did or what you will do. Mention if you like this article on How to survive Quarantine

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