What is the daily routine of Indian Army Soldiers: Know Here😎😎

Daily Routine of Indian Army
Daily Routine of Indian Army

What is the daily routine of Indian Army Soldiers:

Know Here.

What is the daily routine of Indian Army Soldiers:Indian Army is selfless service to the nation, before joining the services you shall be very well aware about the life and work culture of the elite organisation. How does a army men spend his day? What routine does the Army men follows depends on where he/she is posted. So, in Indian Army different Arms and services, because of the typical work content, follows different routines, but a routine generally applicable in Indian Army is given below.

Daily routine of Indian Army Soldiers

  • Reveille- 5:00 hrs
  • PT Time- 6:00-6:45 hrs 
  • Training/Parade Time- 08:00-12:30 hrs
  • Lunch- 13:00- 13:45 hrs
  • Leisure- 13:45-1500 hrs
  • Working time/ Getting the cantt area into shape: 15:00-16:00
  • Game Parade: 16:15-18:00
  • Roll Call- 18:30
  • Dinner-19:00-20:00
  • Leisure and Preparation-20:00-22:00
  • Lights Out- 22:00

Apart from this routine one has to add the following responsibilities to their duties

  • Drawing of weapons from Kotes
  • Cleaning the weapons and returning them to kote
  • Washing the clothes, polishing the boots, belts and other items.
  • Education and other classes for those preparing for examinations
  • Preparing instructional material
  • Assigned Duties including looking after the Quarter Guard (the pride of the REGIMENT)
Thursday are for night parade, Saturdays are for drills and weekly maintenance
and during Sundays,in most units, day starts with a visit to the worship place or Mandir Parade is organised. Indian Army is a organisation where your troops religion is yours and it is single roof where everyone in equal.
The routine changes in field areas where forward post localities have to be manned along the line of control or super high altitude areas. It includes operational duties, maintenance of defence works, dealing with firing across border etc is added on to the base routine. However, in counter insurgency areas the operational load is so intense that the part of the routine has to be sacrificed. Life becomes quite intense because of the unpredictability, sustained operation and pressure to show results.
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Daily Routine of Indian Army

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