My ssb went for 64 day’s: Best SSB Experience

My ssb went for 64 day's: Best SSB Experience
My ssb went for 64 day's: Best SSB Experience

My ssb went for 64 day’s.

Jai hind all
My name is Neelvitan Jain. I got recommended from 12 SSB , Bangalore for 10+2 entry in my second attempt. I was very confident this time. Trust me if you have confidence in your self you can do anything.

My ssb was from 14 March 2020 to 19 March 2020. This time 48 candidates reported on reporting day. Next day we have our oir test and ppdt. My oir was good i attempt all. Then we had our ppdt session in which one blur image was shown. I wrote a decent story and narrated it with full confidence. I participated 2 -3 in group discussion given some valuable point to help the group to move toward a common story.

After break result was announced. Out of 48 only 22 got screened in.

On the next day morning psychology test was conducted. We were shown 12 picture 30 sec to see the picture and 4 min to write. After that 60 wats and 60 srts. In which i attempted 56 wats and 47 srts. I think 40+ is a decent number. Because of quality matter than the quantity. After 10 min break, we wrote our sd.

Tip for sd- organise it better and write only truth.

My interview went for an hour . He asked me some current affairs question, technical question, also he asked me about navy rank and structure, and name of ships, most question are from piq like family, friends, and extra activities. My interview went pretty well i tried my best to answer all question confidently.

On 3rd and 4 th day our GTO test happen. Which i think went good. I participated in all task with full confidence. Done 10 individual obstacle My command task was of average level. I completed it on time

On 5th day conference was held and now this time it went for 2 min.
In which they asked me

  1. How was your stay?
  2. The thing which i want to improve.
  3. Capital of some countries.
  4. Suggestion.

After that, we all went to our room packed our bag saw room for last time. And assembled.

The result was announced out f 22 only 4 got selected. yes this time i made it.

But due to covid 19 lockdown was declared so we had to stay at the ssb center for a long time . I was there with 9 more recommended candidate for nda , 1 of ota , 1 of ACc.

I was there for 64 days and made a lot of beautiful memories worth remembering for a lifetime.

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My ssb went for 64 day's: Best SSB Experience

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