Rank Structure of Indian Army: Know the Hierarchy

Indian Army Rank Structure
Indian Army Rank Structure

Detailed Rank Structure of Indian Army: In this article, we will provide you the clear insight of the rank insignia of the Indian Army. Nowadays, you will find many questions in defence exams regarding the Rank structure of Army, it is very important to know all the ranks of the Indian Army. Indian Army offers a life that is less ordinary, full of adventures and it also ensure your personal and professional growth.

Indian Army Rank Structure

Young blood have plenty opportunities to join Indian Army as a career. Ranks of Army holds great importance in defence knowledge. To get commission in Indian Army as as officer one has different opportunities after 12th and graduation. Those who want to serve Nation as part time Army has lot to offer, they can join Territorial Army. We will provide you all the details about various Defence and other Govt. exams in Digital Fauji. You can easily go and get updates on daily current affairs. but for now we will discuss about the Ranks of the Indian Army :

Below are the Rank Structure of the Indian Army :

Commissioned Officer of Indian Army


Lt General

Major General



Lt Colonel




Junior Commissioned Officer of Indian Army

Honorary Lieutenant

Honorary Captain

Subedar major


Naib Subedar

Non Commisioned Officer of Indian Army



Lance Naik


So, Aspirants ,this Rank structure of Indian Army should always remain in your brain so that if any question is asked in any Defence Examinations related to this topic , you can answer it confidently.

Indian Army Official Website

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Indian Army Rank Structure

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