Recommendation is a journey, not a destination.

SSB Interview Experience
SSB Interview Experience

Life is full of ebb and flow; everyone has to confront what all it has to accord. As a kid, it was obvious for me to get attracted to the uniform since my father is in the army. Well, maybe the only glitter that doesn’t go off your eyes is of this uniform. Secondly being a cadet of Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer gave me the zeal and necessary tools to pursue my heart in Defence Forces. Military School gave me clarity of thought and lifestyle which I am to live in the coming years. My biggest motivation was from the seniors who had joined defence forces and gave us the needed trigger. After school not able to join through NDA was the first and biggest setback for me. But evident and truly said, “You don’t call it a life until you have seen valleys and peaks.”

At that specific time what I had in mind was to plan for all possible entries to join the defence forces. I started graduation and started exploring opportunities I was craving for since my school hood. I tried CDS, AFCAT and NCC entry schemes eventually not making it at the SSB. Hanker in heart didn’t let me sit or choose something else as a profession. It is good to have a backup plan but trust me the same plan will serve as a deviation from your goal. This was my 6th attempt at the SSB and Im not even counting the numerous written attempts I made.

I got recommended from Selection Centre East Allahabad for NCC entry 48 and got AIR 13 in the final merit list. On a wind-up note I would add that I didn’t let the setbacks I faced throughout let me down or change my course, neither should you. Constantly making yourself better will eventually prepare you for what you are seeking. It just might be the case that you haven’t got the right guidance you need or the motivation you call for. Recommendation is a journey, not a destination.


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SSB Interview Experience

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