All SSB Centers of Indian Army: Increase Defence Knowledge

Selection Centers of India Arm
Selection Centers of India Arm

All SSB Centers of Indian Army: Increase Defence Knowledge

List of all SSB Centers of Indian Army: Jai hind Defence Aspirants, in this article I have decided to give you details about the selections Centers of Indian Army which is called SSB (Services Selections Board). After reading this article you will feel confident to have knowledge about SSB Centers  of Indian Army and this will also help you in your SSB Interview. So, it is very important to know about your country’s Army before you appear for SSB Interview

SSB’s were established with aim to select and recommend right candidates to join Indian Armed Forces. Selection process of SSB is based on prism concept i.e. Psychological Tests assessed by Professional Psychologist, Group Discussions, Group Tasks, Ground Tasks assessed by Group Testing Officer and Personal Interview which is conducted by Interviewing officer. The main aim of SSB Centers of Indian Amy is to select potential candidates by evaluating their OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) and see if they are fit to become officers in the Indian Armed Forces

 Selection Centers of Indian Army

  1. Selection Center East (SCE) Allahabad:

    This center was raised in 1957 and is considered as the biggest selection of all SSB. It has five selection boards, 11 SSB, 14 SSB, 18 SSB, 19 SSB and 34 SSB. Defence Aspirants call it as rejection centre but all SSB’s are there to select you. The reason behind this myth is that SSB Allahabad have highest number of candidates reporting for different entries. Hence the rejection in Stage 1 selection is high.

  2. Selection Center Central (SCC), Bhopal:

    It was established in October 1975 and is located in the Sultania Infantry Lines, Bhopal Military Station. It has three Services Selection Boards, 20 SSB, 21 SSB and 22SSB.

  1. Selection Center South (SCS), Bangalore:

This Selection Board was raised on 1st April 1949. It is situated at Cubbon Road at Bangalore. It has two Selection Boards  17 SSB, 24 SSB.

  1. Selection Center North (SCN), Kapurthala

         This Selection center is recently raised keeping on view of increasing number of candidates from Northern region. It was raised on 01 Jul 2015
in its interim location at Kapurthala. It has two Services Selection Boards namely 31 SSB and 32 SSB.

I hope this article gives you insight about all the selection centers of Indian Army. Warriors work hard towards your dream of wearing the olive green uniform. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your preparation of defence exams. We will be providing you the mock tests, important notes related to all the Defence exams at, you can also subscribe our YOUTUBE channel for detailed video lectures.

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Selection Centers of India Arm

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