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SSB Interview Experience: I was in class 10th, I was in NCC..

Hello peeps, I am MD RAHBAR, so here I am now (well you know where, NO? okay so you will get to know)
This story begins when I was in class 10th, I was in NCC (air wing) at AIR FORCE SCHOOL, AGRA there I met our Wing Commander Ganesh Sawant, I did flying with him and somewhere deep inside it motivated me towards NDA… Well I kept enjoying afterwards too😂 played a lot of sports, explored a lot of extracurricular activities and also did what almost every boy do😂, yes yes everyone like the presence of girls😬 Okay so let’s get back on track…
But as I was underweight ( 5’10” and only 51 kgs) then I joined gym and started weight training, that was the turning point of my life, I focused more on my diet, exercise and daily routine and less on my studies🥲 in class 11th, that improved my physique (which was not possible without the guy that is my best friend now✨, Priyanshu Gautum) but affected my studies😅 Then I entered class 12th and met this majestic personality✨ MR. GAURAV SHUKLA, well talking about him, he has pursued his B.Tech from IIT-KANPUR and currently runs THE QUADRIVIUM CLASSES in Agra. He is one of the kind personality for sure… He not only taught me about subjects, he taught life values (just like Dr. S.N. TIWARI, another majestic personality, my English PGT at AFS, AGRA)… And then I met that girl (I wouldn’t say her name, let’s say Garry)✨

So, Gaurav Sir, my father, mother, Priyanshu Garry pushed my limits and unlocked my potential, by continuosly pushing me and showing me the right path… I used to sleep only 3-4 hours some days and some days I didn’t used to sleep at all, that was possible because of Garry, we used to video call at night and studied together over Video call and if one sleeps then other used to talk a little and neend chali hi jaati thi🥺 So, in 12th almost my base was very strong, thanks to Gaurav Sir.
Now, as board exams were coming closer, so I left gym and devoted my time to my studies and a little to my relationship. And that gave good results too. But but but, my physique deteriorated 🥲 (hn ab kya hi kroon 🥲, chalo let’s move forward)

As I told you, Gaurav sir is an IITian, toh ab unko dekhkr mujhe IIT mein jaana tha😅, also girls ke liye NDA nahi tha toh I thought that, in this field we both can stay together👉👈 so I took a drop and started preparing for IIT-JEE from unacademy (poora plan tha Kota jaane ka, socha tha saath rahenge, khoob padhenge and etc etc., But Covid Covid Covid🥲, sab plans par paani fer diya🥲) So now, studied 1 year straight from Unacademy plus subscription, was not able to be very consistent but whenever I used to be in trouble, I used to share things with Gaurav sir and he used to help me a lot, literally a lot🥺. Garry and I worked hard, I also photocopied her notes and she photocopied some of mine and we used to exchange materials and help each other.❤️

Then JEE was being postponed again and again and again toh thoda usne flow toda, but still I used to study, went to Kota for around 18 days, then Covid 2nd wave came and I came back to Agra, continued from Unacademy and bought Allen’s test series, which was very helpful in the last month ✨ Mains mein as such koi college nahi mil raha tha, which frightened me a lot🥺 but thankfully I got a descent rank in JEE Advanced and got admitted to IIT KANPUR finally. After a month of JEE Advanced, NDA exam was there so, I appeared for it casually and like agar hota hai toh theek hai, warna toh koi dikkat hi nahi hai😅😅 and thankfully that was also cleared, well after all this, Garry and I got in seperate colleges, things were not going well so, she decided to end things🙂 and after all that 2.5 year of beautiful relationship, everything ended🙂. Then suddenly a mail came of call letter and date of SSB, and I missed that date selection link 😬 , so the first SSB date was allotted to me… which was only 11 days away (I saw the mail on 9th FEB,2022 and my SSB was on 21st, FEB,2022) so kuch din online dekha, but that was not at all helpful, then Priyanshu’s brother (Abhishek Bhaiya) suggested me to take a coaching jitna bhi ho ske…

I went to Senaabhyas on 14th Feb,2022 and request a little to them, they were not admitting me, but then Idk how, but they agreed😅 and i went there for 4 days i.e. 14th,15th,16th and 17th. I left for Varanasi on 19th, and got screened in on 21st and then got recommended on 25th Feb, 2022✨ cleared CPSS and PABT on the very next day and here I am now… Now you know? Where I am😂 ?
Still not?
I am in confusion that what to do nowwwww👉👈 should I go for NDA or should I continue my B.Tech from IIT-KANPUR.
Well let’s see, abhi medicals baaki hain NDA ke, toh dekhte fir kya hota tab tak ke liye tata, goodbye, take care❤️ and keep working hard.

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