SSB Lecturette Topics 2020: Get Original Topics with Tips[Updated]

SSB Lecturette Tips with Topics
SSB Lecturette Tips with Topics

SSB Lecturette Topics 2020: Many defence aspirants especially freshers are always desperate to know about how to deliver SSB Interview Lecturette. Indeed, lecturette is very important individual task in which many officer like qualities are assessed. How well the candidate is able to express his/her thoughts to his team in the mean time pressure is checked in the lecturette part. In this article we will be sharing some important tips related to SSB Lecturette for Freshers as well as for the repeaters so that you can improve your performance in the SSB lecturette when you go for your SSB interview.

Download SSB Lecturette PDF: Above 500 Original Topics from all SSB

New List Wef: 31 August 2020


SSB  Lecturette Tips for Freshers

Lecturette is one of the most important task which is conducted during GTO Technique on day 2 of GTO tasks. The motive behind conducting this task is that an officer in the Indian Armed Forces has to lead and command his men. He should carry the power of expression through which he can motivate his men and lead them wherever he to. He must be able to boost up the confidence and zeal in his subordinates and whatever he should be motivating should be effective and he needs to make sure his subordinates are working in cordination with him without feeling any hesitation. This test will somehow give a boost to SSB Psychological Test to match the OLQs. GTO gives you three minutes for the preparation. There are always key points to achieve any task, so here we have 5 key points for SSB Lecturette.

Key Points  for SSB Lecturette 2020

CONFIDENCE:  Your Self Confidence plays a major role here. Speak with full confidence.

POWER OF EXPRESSION: Your ability to influence the group, through your power of expression.

SPEAK: Have clarity of thoughts and command over the language you speak.

Courage: Your confidence and ability to speak under stress and courage to speak in front of people.

• How much are you aware about the general awareness and how do you perceive things. What is your personal opinion about the recent news and current affairs topics.

How to deliver the SSB Interview Lecturette

You will get a card which would consist of four topics and you have to choose one. It totally depends on you what topic you choose, speak on the topic you have knowledge and make sure to give some fact and figures about it. Below we have mentioned some tips for SSB Interview Lecturette.

  • You shall start your lecturette with Good and effective introduction. Make eye contact with your group while speaking.
  • Your Body language plays very important role while you speak. Resist your hand movements  Be very gentle, stand straight and speak confidently, if possible a touch of humor will be handy.
  • Give fact and figures, pros and cons about the topic in the main part and maintain the eye contact with your group.
  • To sum up your lecturette use the time judiciously and end it with a good message or your logical opinion or suggestion about the topics.
  • It is supposed to be delivered in English language, you may switch to Hindi if you get stuck in between, but revert back to English as early as possible.

SSB Lecturette Topics 2020

By reading newspapers and increasing your general awareness about the most common things which could be asked and those which have national and international importance would help you in having good content for your topic.

  • Start speaking in front of the mirror loudly, even speaking and recording your voice is also good technique to improve for lecturette.
  • Speak slowly, clearly and deliberately during your SSB  lecturette.
  • Don’t look at the GTO while speaking, face your team members.
  • Finish your lecturette well in time, don’t exceed the time limit and even don’t finish very early.

Download SSB Lecturette PDF: Above 500 Original Topics from all SSB

SSB Lecturette Topics 2020: Original Important Topics

1. Global warming 

2. Nuclear Weapons 

3. T20 cricket 

4. Terrorism 

5. Women Empowerment 

6. Foreign Direct Investment in Defense 

7. Modernization of Indian Armed forces 

8. Reservation System in India 

9. AFSPA Act

10. Yoga 

11. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) 

12. India- Sri Lanka Relations 

13. Sex Education 

14. World Trade Organization 

15. Population of India- Merits and Demerits 

16. Brahmos  

17. Honor Killing  

18. Water Scarcity  

19. Corruption in India 

20. Start up India 

21. Demonetization 

22. E-Governance  

23. GST 

24. Social Media 

25. SAARC 

26. ISRO- Indian Space Research Organization 

27. Human Rights  

28. Media – fourth pillar of democracy 

29. BRICS 

30. Make in India concept 

31. Mother 19 SSB Allahabad 

32. Kids Reality Shows – Good or Bad 

33. Capital Punishment 

34. Smart Work Vs Hard Work  

35. NATO 

36. Alcohol Ban in India 

37. Bullet Trains In India 

38. Compulsory Military  Training 

39. DRDO  

40. South China Sea 

41. BPO in India 

42. Unemployment in India 

43. Indian GDP 

44. Democracy  

45. Privatization of Education 

46. Nuclear Supplier Group NSG and India 

47. Women in Indian Armed  Force 

48. Online Piracy 

49. NASA NSB Visakhapatnam 

50. Child Labour NSB Visakhapatnam 

Updated List :Wef:31-August-2020

  1. E-Commerce(11 SSB Allahabad; IMA-134th Course)
  2. Higher Education in India(33 SSB Bhopal)
  3. Social Effects in Pornography(33 SSB Bhopal)
  4. Gay Rights(34 SSB Allahabad)
  5. Instant Cricket(34 SSB Allahabad)
  6. Global Warming: Fact or Fiction(24 SSB Bangalore)
  7. Favorite Pass time(24 SSB Bangalore)
  8. Peace measures in J&K(24 SSB Bangalore)
  9. Right to Information Act and its fall out (22 SSB Bhopal)
  10. Privatization of Universities (24 SSB Bangalore)
  11. Inflation (21 SSB Bhopal)
  12. Same-sex marriage(17 SSB Bangalore)
  13. Valentine day(17 SSB Bangalore)
  14. MANREGA (17 SSB Bangalore)
  15. Pulse polio(17 SSB Bangalore)
  16. Rajwardhan Rathore(17 SSB Bangalore)
  17. Ecological System (12SSB Bangalore)
  18. India Global Research and development Destination (12SSB Bangalore)
  19. Nano Technology (12SSB Bangalore)
  20. Media and its effects (12SSB Bangalore)
  21. Nanotechnology (18 SSB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  22. National Highway Authority of India (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  23. Mobile Phones (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  24. Energy Crisis (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  25. MNC’s (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  26. Center – State Relations (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  27. NSG (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  28. Generation Gap (18SB Allahabad/IMA 134th course)
  29. Water bodies (22 SSB)
  30. India’s foreign trade (22 SSB)
  31. Indo Pak relations- the future (22 SSB)
  32. Disaster management in india (22 SSB)
  33. Water resources (22 SSB)
  34. Girl Child (22 SSB)
  35. Health (22 SSB)
  36. The aviation industry in India (22 SSB)
  37. If there were no superpowers in this world(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  38. Use of technology in agriculture(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  39. United we stand, divided we fall(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  40. Can India become self-sufficient in energy resources(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  41. Cybercrime(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  42. Sports in India(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  43. Role of opposition in Indian politics(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  44. BPO vs KPO (NSB, Coimbatore)
  45. Why youth hesitate to Join defence forces (NSB, Coimbatore)
  46. Indian reservation Policy (18 SSB Allahabad)
  47. Sanjay Dutt (18SSB Allahabad)
  48. IT Industry (18SSB Allahabad)
  49. Your favorite Day (18SSB Allahabad)
  50. Role of Discipline in Life (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  51. Peaceful use of Nuclear Energy (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  52. Globalization (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  53. India’s Agricultural problem (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  54. Role of Youth in Society (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  55. The entry of foreign Universities in India (19 SSB Allahabad, IMA 134)
  56. The infrastructure of India. (21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  57. Rainwater harvesting. (21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  58. Favorite Cricketer. (21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  59. Ambition in life. (21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  60. Adult Education(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  61. Indo US relations(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  62. Beauty pageants (2 AFSB Mysore)
  63. Cable TV(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  64. Net Education(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  65. Internet(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  66. Terrorism in North-Eastern India(21 SSB, BHOPAL)
  67. Doping in Sports (2 AFSB Mysore)
  68. Division Of States in India (2 AFSB Mysore)
  69. Role of NGO (4 AFSB Varanasi)
  70. E-Market(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  71. My Hobby(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  72. Role of media(4 AFSB Varanasi)
  73. Global Warning(1 AFSB DEHRADUN)
  74. Human Cloning(1 AFSB DEHRADUN)
  75. India as Superpower(1 AFSB DEHRADUN)
  76. Discoveries that Changed the World(1 AFSB DEHRADUN)
  80. AIDS (22 SSB BHOPAL TGC 115)
  81. NCTC(34 SSB)
  82. Information Technology(34 SSB)
  83. Medha Patkar(34 SSB)
  84. Is India a soft country? (34 SSB)
  85. India’s Nuclear Policy (21 SSB, Bhopal)
  86. National anthem(17SSB)

  87. G 20(17SSB)
  88. Volcano(17SSB)
  89. Sachin Tendulkar(17SSB)
  90. Secularism (17 SSB)
  91. Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family (22 SSB Bhopal)
  92. Naxalism (19 SSB Allahabad)
  93. Child Labour (19 SSB Allahabad)
  94. Wildlife protection (22SSB Bhopal)
  95. Global warming (22SSB Bhopal)
  96. Water Crisis (22SSB Bhopal)
  97. BPO in India (22SSB Bhopal)
  98. Reverse Brain drain (22SSB Bhopal)
  99. Naxalism (22SSB Bhopal)
  100. Professional education in India (22SSB Bhopal)
  101. National integration ( 11 SSB)
  102. India’s architecture ( 11 SSB)
  103. Dog Man’s best friend ( 11 SSB)
  104. Ragging ( 11 SSB)
  105. IT ( 11 SSB)
  106. students union ( 11 SSB

Download SSB Lecturette PDF: Above 500 Original Topics from all SSB

SSB Lecturette Tips with Topics

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