Support Janta Curfew: Know how you can contribute to stop COVID-19

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Support Janta Curfew: Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 19 March addressed the nation on the outbreak of novel coronavirus, a deadly virus that has claimed over 9,000 lives across the globe and has affected over 2 lakh people. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has hailed the efforts of  people from various walks of life that have come together to support the initiative of Janata Curfew this Sunday, the 22nd of March, in an effort to contain the spread of corona virus Covid 19.

DIGITALFAUJI supports Janta Curfew and we want everyone to be safe and healthy, so we request you to raise your voice against coronavirus and lets make a promise to ourself that we will support “Janta curfew” to erase this virus from our lives to save our nation from this epidemic.


Support Janta Curfew

Lets not repeat the mistake Italy, Germany has done not to quarantine themselves even after a warning. Our govt. has taken responsibility to fight against this pandemic outbreak , they are not asking us to shut down our business or abandoned everything, they just ask us to be at our home and spend time with our family, reduce socializing as much as you can, which we can also do on phone, video call which is just a call away and believe us if this is happening which has never happened before there must be a very big and traumatic reason which we might are not aware of.

This is not just a virus , this is a kind of death certificate which infected ones are carrying in their hands, and the cure to this is to sanitize our self purposely on a regular basis.

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Know how you can contribute to stop COVID-19

Lets break the chain that this virus wants to build in our country, this virus is taking lives of innocent people and lets not compare these deaths with accidents and other reasons of death because if we start comparing these things we will never get too close to end this debate. The numbers are increasing and they will increase if we will not keep our self locked for some time.

This has never been done before in our country that every offices, every shop , every club, bar, malls, cinema halls, parks, buses, trains, metro has been shut down for the entire day. This will lead to huge decline in our economy , but if the govt is taking this risk in order to save our lives , why can’t we show some gratitude to our govt and our loved ones to help them eradicate this virus.

Please BE SAFE AND LETS MAKE INDIA CORONA FREE. Janata Curfew will be observed on March 22 between 7 am and 9 pm, comparing it to blackouts during wartime.

As carona virus life at one place is 12 hrs and Janta curfew is for 14 hrs so the places  or points of public areas where  carona may have survived will not be touched for 14 hrs and this will break the chain .

What we get  after 14 hrs will be a safer country.

That is the idea behind . Next this will be a drill if needed longer in near future



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