The Chinese way of crowning India: Indian Army, “The largest standing Army”

The World largest Army: Indian Army
The World largest Army: Indian Army

Indian Army, the largest standing Army: India the largest face of standing army, this might swell up our chests with pride and honour, but by default we became world’s largest standing army. It’s not a progress that India made, it’s not like we have increased our defence budget or recruited more people but it’s a result of Chinese downsizing of People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Recently, its been confirmed by Japan in their report “Defense of Japan” in 2019 that according to them India is the largest army now.

Indian Army, the largest standing Army

Let’s think why did China halved their man force ?

China no longer believes that they need the world’s largest army for future combat.

Well the logic is simple, Technology has put man behind machine, the man to man warfare is out dated, the future wars won’t be fought by men but by robots once a noble man said, and it’s proving to be true.
Example : In 1992 when Columbia had to capture the greatest narco-terrorist they had send 5000 soldiers and 220 special forces to capture him while he had only 20 men by his side, he escaped their capture, and was later caught using radio signal tapping by a single soldier during his days of hide out
The world is modernizing towards advanced technology in warfare so should we, human life has been of utmost importance to us, a Soldier cannot be sacrificed over country disputes.

  • What we should learn from “The great Downsizing”:

Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping, in 2015, decided to downsize its PLA to strengthened their overall military (i.e. Navy, Air force,Cyber,Missile,etc…) and make the overall military more leaner and dependent on modern warfare. In the month of Nov, that year only, they started focusing more on the technologies related to cyber and space & also on the futuristic weapons besides balancing and strengthening up Navy, Air force too.

From 2015 to 2019, china retrenched its troops & reduced its army by half the no. they were earlier. No doubt, China’s decision made us largest standing army, but we are still behind China when it comes to Navy & Air force. Now this shows China’s approach to modern warfare.

Indian Army, the largest standing Army

Indian Army Chief Gen. M. M. Naravane recently stated that “Tank, Fighter will soon be obsolete like Walkman” & he also said “Combat is not longer confined to the physical domain”. He pointed to the last large tank battle that was happened in the year of 1973 during Arab-Israeli war on the Golan Heights, where the world saw large armies against each other with large armoured formations, supported by artillery and air forces. But after that, no such war happened where we saw large tanks were used again in that numbers.

Now most of the countries are focusing on quality rather than quantity, no matter if there’s less number of troops, but it should be efficient and with upgraded weapons and robust transport network. There’s no need of large army if a country have efficient troops, upgraded weapons and robust, lightening fast transport system.

In the last 10 to 15 years, China developed a well defined and fast paced train network so that they can support their defence forces through out the country. Apart from this, China has a good no. of transport aircraft & China is now manufacturing its own transport aircraft “Y-20 Chubby Girl”, which is the largest aircraft in production & it is bigger than C-17 transport aircraft, which India purchased from US, so that China can reach to every corners and borders of the country in just a couple of hours.

  • Why this decision is so lucrative for China ? :

Even with less no, China thinks that, with advanced weapons, better training regime & better transport system, it can make an impact on large armies too.

China, now, can focus its defence budget more on air force and navy, which is very much important from modern warfare’s perspective. And air force is the central role in modern warfare (India is struggling to maintain its defence budget that’s why, we are not able to modernize our navy and air force due to lack of funds).

For 2020-21, an amount of Rs. 4.71 lakh crore (65 billion dollars) was issued as the total defence budget of India. If we compare it with China, then China’s defence budget is three times that of India’s defence budget which is 177.6 billion dollars.

Out of Rs. 4.71 lakh crores, Rs. 1.33 lakh crores are spent on pensions of officers and soldiers. Now, the remaining amount is Rs. 3.37 lakh crores, out of which Rs. 2.18 lakh crores are spent on the current salaries of active personnel, maintenance of defence equipments etc.

With the Rs. 1.18 lakh crore left, we aren’t able to modernize our forces which such a small amount. We make plans, discuss and talk over it but the ground reality we aren’t making any progress in our military with such a small amount.

But India has started to take a little steps to overcome these problems. Recently an article was published in “The Times Of India” that army may trim 27,000 personnel from non-core units.

With a total man power of 12.5 lakh, 1.75 lakh aren’t in regular standings army. And downsizing these 27,000 men will save around Rs. 16,00 crores.

  • Conclusion 

Now, India should also downsize its troops to some extent and keeps its roads and railway infrastructures in a improved state, only then we can keep up with China.

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The World largest Army: Indian Army

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