‘Tour Of Duty’: 3 Years Service For Civilians

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Tour Of Duty’: 3 Years Service– On a surprising note, the Army has come up with a proposal where in, the civilians will be allowed to serve in the Forces for 3 years. This will be applicable for all, Officer, JCO and other ranks.

‘Tour Of Duty’: 3 Years Service

Till date, the recruited people were allowed to serve under Short Service Commission for 10 Years (extendable upto 14 Years) and under Permanent Commission (till the age of retirement). Now, the ToD (Tour of Duty) proposal has come up, which would give an opportunity to people, for serving for 3 Years and then moving to some other profession.

Imagine a huge number of employees in a company, with experience of 14+ years leave the company every year. This experience might be 14+ or 18+ or 25+ or even 35+ years. And also, this company has a pyramidal structure of leadership. And if this company loses so many experienced Leaders every year, from where will it bring more such leaders?? This is the case in Defence Forces, where the company is referred as Army or Navy or Air Force or Coast Guard or even other paramilitary and security Forces. Most of the initial stage officers (of the ranks Lieutenant, Captain, Major, In Army) don’t leave their service for at least 10 years, as the minimum tenure is of Short Service Commission for 10 Years. The pre-mature retirement takes place at the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel and so on.

This proposal has come up, so as to tackle that deficiency of personnel at various stages and levels in the forces. And this will ultimately help to fill up the deficiency of officer ranks, at least at the initial stages or levels.

According to a newspaper article, it costs almost Rs 5.12 Cr and Rs 6.83 Cr by Army to an officer serving for 10 years and 14 years respectively. This includes pre-commissioning training, pays, allowances, etc. But in case of ToD (Tour of Duty), the cost might get reduced to Rs 80-85 Lakhs, after the personnel retires after 3 years of service. Similarly, estimates for a Jawan with 17 years of service shows that the prospective lifetime savings of just one Jawan is Rs 11.5 Cr. “Thus, savings for 1000 Jawans could be Rs 11000 Cr, which could be used for much needed modernization of the Army”, says the proposal.

A few more details:

Vacancy: 100 for Officers and 1000 for other ranks
Years of service: 3 Years
Training to be provided?: Yes
Service extendable?: Yet to be announced
Pays and perks: Rs 80000+. Other details yet to be announced

As of now, more details of who all can apply for this, age criteria, qualifications, selection process, training duration, etc. are yet to be clearly announced by the Army on ToD. Indeed it will be an amazing opportunity for those who eagerly want to serve in the Uniform.

Recently, a top businessman, Anand Mahindra, shared that it is indeed an amazing opportunity for youngsters to serve in the Forces for 3 years. He shared his thoughts via an email sent to the Army:
The email read, “I recently learnt that the Indian Army is considering a novel proposal, the ‘Tour of Duty’. The young, fit citizens of India will get an opportunity to gain operational experience in the Army both as soldiers and officers through this voluntary three year-programme.”

“I definitely think military training will be an added advantage for Tour of Duty Graduates as they enter the workplace. In fact, considering the rigid standards of selection and training in the Indian Army, the Mahindra Group will be happy to consider their candidature,” Mahindra wrote in the e-mail.

This gives an idea that Mahindra group is already planning on intake of motivated and dynamic youngsters into their company as employees, once they return back to civilian lifestyle after 3 years of service. This indeed is a great support from the Corporate World, as this gives a feeling of assurance to the youngsters who are eager to kick-start their career in this way!

There are lakhs of enthusiastic youngsters, who try extremely hard to get selected into Defence Forces, every year!
Hoping, such proposals make more among those thousands of youngsters’ dreams come true!

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