Word Association Test in SSB: Know how to write WAT in SSB

Word Association Test in SSB
Word Association Test in SSB

Word Association Test in SSB: WAT in SSB is the second test of the psychological test battery. In this test you are shown 60 words of daily uses including some negative words and you would be provided 15 seconds to write a sentence for every word. Due to the time limit stress and pressure would be there so it is advised to prepare yourself thoroughly and write your first thought in front of the word. You must start reading self-development books to improve your WAT quality.  Take everything in a positive manner. Be a solution-oriented person for every problem. Read positive quotes and surround yourself with good people and keep on discussing your performance with your friends and parents or whom so ever you would like to.

Word Association Test in SSB

WAT is not a sentence making test or a test of English, it’s a test of one’s ideas and beliefs. Nothing is wrong, incorrect or correct, the assessors only find the qualities reflected and the degree and level of your thinking process through the test.

Key aspects of WAT

  • Test Duration: 15 minutes.
  • 60 Slides will be shown.
  • Each slide will have a word written on it, which will be flashed for 15 seconds.
  • The candidates have to write a sentence about the word or construct a sentence with the word within these 15 seconds.
  • After every 15 seconds a buzzer will sound and a new word will be flashed.
  • A rest of 15 – 30 seconds might be given after 30 words, or a rest of 10 seconds might be given for turning the pages of the answer booklet.


How to write Word Association Test in SSB

  • Write whatever comes to your mind at the first thought. If you keep thinking about a better response then you’re bound to run out of time and miss the next words as well.
  • Don’t make sentences involving deaths or suicides. This will give an impression that these things are a part of your psychological make-up and will render a depressed outlook of your personality.
  • There are 15 OLQ’s (Officer Like Qualities) assessed in 4 sets of 15 words each making it a total of 60 words. Each set will have 15 words and each word will be related to one of the OLQ’s each. So, one OLQ will be assessed through 4 words.
  • A good attempt will be 45 words, meaning that each OLQ has been reviewed 3 times. But still try to attempt all 60 words.
  • Be Natural and improve your overall personality and thinking process.


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Word Association Test in SSB

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